Don't Leave Me Hanging

Don’t Leave Me Hanging

A Three-Step Process so Nothing Slips Through the Cracks

When we moved recently (Every Day is Moving Day), I had no idea I’d begin an incredibly frustrating saga of trying to transfer our phone numbers from one carrier to another.

Our previous phone provider was also our internet provider.  Unfortunately, our new location was not part of their coverage area.  So we signed up for new internet service and decided to try for phone service.

Getting set up with Dialpad was relatively straightforward. Attempting to “port” our numbers was when the problems started.

After telling Dialpad that I wanted to move my numbers, their rep submitted his request with the outgoing carrier.  We waited and waited for the port to go through.  After a couple of weeks, I reached out to Dialpad.  They directed me to my old carrier to try to see what was wrong.  I’ve spent a good part of my week trying to work things out with Dialpad and the outgoing carrier.  You’d think this would be a lot easier.

Here’s the issue: the rep apparently believed that his job was done.  After all, he had submitted the request.

But it’s not the request that matters, it’s the actual transfer of the numbers.

This situation happens all too frequently with advisors, their assistants and their clients.  For example, a client calls the advisor to update beneficiary information after meeting with their estate planning attorney. The advisor tells the assistant who mails the beneficiary form.  But for whatever reason the form doesn’t arrive at the client’s mailbox.

Here’s a three-step process to ensure things don’t slip through cracks:

  1. Clarify what completion looks like. The client doesn’t want a beneficiary form; they want their accounts appropriately updated.  That’s the goal that the whole team needs to achieve.
  2. Establish ownership. The advisor should clearly delegate ownership to their assistant.  Once the client makes the request, the assistant is 100% responsible to see things to completion.
  3. Track the progress. One of the simplest ways to ensure that everything stays on course is to use spreadsheet to track all client requests (both in-progress and completed).  Everyone on the team can check the spreadsheet to review the current status of a particular request.

When your client has a request, what does your team do to make sure it gets done?

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