How Have You Prepared Your Clients for Your Journey Together?

Great Expectations

Spring training has begun!  All across America, hope springs eternal in the hearts of baseball fans.

Every major league team has announced their plans for returning fans.  The Texas Rangers have announced that they will allow full capacity on Opening Day while other teams are starting the season at 20% capacity.

My favorite team, the Chicago Cubs, created a special website which includes a three-minute video to tell fans what to expect regarding masks, seating, concessions, and more.

For financial advisors and planners, your clients are also looking to you to know what to expect.  How have you prepared them for your journey together?

Here are some suggestions to help your clients know what to expect:

  • Communicate your frequency and method of contact. Confirm how often you will communicate with your clients. You may also want to discuss what would lead to you contacting them more or less frequently.  Additionally, verify their preferred method of communication such as email vs. phone (and which email/phone is the best).
  • Provide an agenda. Prepare an agenda before each meeting and ask for your client’s input in advance.
  • Anticipate. Always look ahead and imagine things through the eyes of your clients and prospective clients.
  • Show the path. Since many people need visuals to help them more easily understand processes, providing agendas, checklists, flow charts, and even a map to your office can help them better understand what to expect as they prepare to meet with you and you take them through your planning process.
  • Define next steps. Develop the habit of ending every conversation with a clear explanation of the next steps: who will do what by when?  For the items that you will be working on, it may be tempting to “under-promise and over-deliver,” but being accurate with your estimates establishes a reputation for meeting commitments.  For items that your client will be completing, confirm the best time and method to follow-up.

When your clients and prospective clients know what to expect, you can focus on seeing those expectations fulfilled.

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