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Launching 2021 With a Virtual Client Event!

Of all the things financial advisors learned in 2020, perhaps one of the most useful has been video conferencing.

Whether you use Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting or something else, hopefully by now you and your clients have come to appreciate the opportunity of virtual face-to-face meetings.

Videoconferencing isn’t just for business meetings. One of our clients recently had a virtual wine-tasting event for his clients. Our family enjoyed live streaming several holiday concerts, and we opened Christmas gifts over Zoom with our grandchildren.

Now that we’ve finally turned the page on 2020, why not leverage what you’ve learned by planning a Welcome 2021 webinar event for your clients and prospective clients?

While you could invite a market-related guru from your firm or local university to speak, I expect your clients would much prefer hearing from you.

Plan to speak no longer than 30-40 minutes, plus time for Q&A. Here’s a basic outline you can use:

  1. Introduction and welcome to attendees
  2. Brief recap of 2020 – not the negatives (everyone knows about them!), but the positives. How about the three most valuable things we learned from 2020?
  3. How you intend to apply some of those takeaways during your review meetings with clients this year
  4. Your outlook for the opportunities the new year could bring
  5. Anything new you intend to implement in your practice in the new year and how your clients will benefit
  6. Next steps you want them to take
  7. Time for Q&A
  8. Final note of encouragement

A few hints to make your virtual client event special and stress free:

Prior to your event:

  • Make sure you understand how to set up and host a webinar using your videoconferencing software or app, including sharing your desktop and muting and unmuting your other speakers and audience at the appropriate times.
  • Prepare an attractive background with good lighting for when you’re on camera.
  • If you plan to use PowerPoint or other presentation materials, make sure they’re nicely designed, easy to read, and ready to use.
  • Make sure you have someone else available to handle the “backstage” or technology aspects of your webinar, such as chat messages, polls and Q&A.
  • Send an engaging invitation that will cause your clients and prospective clients to want to attend your event, including clear instructions for how to login and anything else they need to know. You can also include something as simple as an outline for notetaking to something more elaborate such as a box or bag of tchotchkes or other items related to your topic.

The day of your event:

  • Dress as you would for a client meeting. Make any final adjustments to your background and lighting.
  • Close all other apps and notifications on your computer, particularly email.
  • Mute your phone(s) and remove other potential audio distractions
  • Make sure you, other speakers or panelists, and your backstage helper are logged in and ready to go 10-15 minutes before your start time.
  • Allow no more than a few minutes for latecomers. Don’t penalize those who made the effort to login on time.
  • Relax and smile!

After your event:

  • Thank your attendees for their participation.
  • Check in to see if they have questions or to follow up on next steps.
  • Begin to think about plans for your next successful client event!

Are you ready to get started? Select a date and begin to make your plans.

If you need help with ideas for topics, just send us an email. We’d be happy to schedule a time to chat.

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