Time for a Fresh Start

In East Tennessee and across the country, children (and their parents) are starting to gear up for a new school year. School starts next Monday for our grandchildren here in Knoxville. Stores are holding back-to-school sales, and local governments are declaring sales tax holidays.

Likewise, many advisors are starting to spend more time working at their offices rather than from home. The newest COVID Delta variant may slow everything down a bit, but for the most part, people are ready to see life get back to normal.

We would suggest treating this transition time as an opportunity for a fresh start. But what does that look like for financial advisors?  For some, it could mean simply dusting off your desk and picking up where you left off when the shutdown occurred last year.

Here are three suggestions for a productive fresh start.

Clean up, even rearrange, your office space. You’ll enjoy it more, and you’ll make it ready for hosting meetings with clients again.

Organize your calendar. If you’ve never created a “master calendar,” “model day,” or model week,” now might be a good time to do that.

Some advisors like to use Mondays for team meetings and other business activities; Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays for client meetings (in-person or virtual) and phone calls; and Fridays for catching up and preparing for the next week.

If you have resisted delegating your appointment schedule to your support person, give it a try. The more you are able to delegate, the more time you will have to focus on your clients.

Decide on a theme or campaign for fall that will help you help your clients focus on the future (as well as be better prepared for whatever the next challenge might be). Suggestions include:

  • Help your clients organize (or in some cases, reorganize) their financial lives. Encourage them to bring in the stack of mail that has piled up and help them determine what to save and what can be discarded. Provide resources such as a filing system outline or even a binder or file folders.
  • Review and potentially revise their financial plans. Or, if they don’t have a financial plan, help them get started.
  • If you believe that inflation (or some other important economic roadblock) is in our future, reach out to your clients to talk about what that might mean for them and any adjustments you would recommend for their financial plan and/or investment approach.
  • Define and implement a new marketing strategy to grow your business, potentially in ways that were not available to you during the pandemic, such as networking, developing a new niche market, etc.

Now is not only a good time for a fresh start, it’s also a good time to take control of your business and enjoy it again.

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