Groundhog Day

The famous celebration of Groundhog Day is tomorrow. As you may know, the celebration in Punxatawney was the setting for Bill Murray’s movie Groundhog Day. Murray plays a weatherman sent to cover the event but finds himself locked in a time loop where he relives the day over and over again. The film has become a popular metaphor for feeling trapped in a recurring set of circumstances that persist no matter what we do.

Since January 1st, I can’t find a treadmill to access, a bike that is open for spin nor an enjoyable spot in my yoga class. It is literally “Groundhog Day” for two months as everyone promises to keep their new resolution and establish that “get fit” habit.

As you speak with your clients, I bet there are a few instances where you might feel that you are in your own “Groundhog Day.”

For example, it’s highly likely that some of your existing clients have established habits or beliefs around money and investing that – though they may feel unbreakable or even comfortable to them – are actually counterproductive to their long-term financial success. Perhaps they closely monitor the barrage of attention-grabbing headlines from various media outlets that are often accompanied by a recommendation about what investors “should do” in response to changing market conditions.

As challenging as CNBC or Bloomberg can make your day, this is the perfect time to remind your clients why they partnered with you. Reiterate the valuable role you play in helping your clients establish good financial habits in not just these conversations, but all year long.

Now consider this, how well are you demonstrating this same service out in your community and to those prospective clients? Your existing clients aren’t the only ones who might be watching “Mad Money”!

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