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“I Like to Be Liked”

We used two characters from the television show The Office to demonstrate classic behavior styles from the DiSC behavioral model in last week’s article Don’t Beet Around the Bush.

  • Dwight Schrute is a great example of Dominance behavior: fast-paced, action-oriented and generally somewhat skeptical.
  • Pam Beasley is slow, deliberate and trusting, exactly what we expect from someone who exhibits Steadiness behavior.

Let’s take a look at the other two styles:

  • The Influence style is fast-paced, action-oriented and trusting
  • The Conscientiousness style is skeptical, slow and deliberate

Someone with the Conscientiousness style pays attention to rules and is likely to sweat the small stuff. Some examples of Conscientiousness include C3-PO (Star Wars), Hermione Granger (Harry Potter) and Mr. Spock (Star Trek).

It may not surprise you that the stereotypical engineer who is very detail-oriented fits the Conscientiousness style.

What about The Office? I’ll give you a hint: you are likely to find her in the Accounting Department.  That’s right, Angela Martin.

Why does Michael Scott struggle to communicate with Angela? It’s because he’s all about personality while Angela just wants the facts.

Michael, on the other hand, exhibits classic Influence behavior.  He is (or tries to be) enthusiastic and charming.  Relationships are very important to him.  But he struggles with the details and may lack follow-through.

Other examples of Influence style include former president Bill Clinton and Han Solo (Star Wars).

Here’s a clip of Michael talking about his need to be liked.

Some advisors and planners may think that the Conscientiousness style can be difficult to work with because of their need for detailed explanations.  Others may find it a challenge to effectively move things forward with the Influence style because they’d rather talk than get things done.

How about you?  As you think about your clients, which style do you match up with the best?  The worst?

If you are interested in learning more about DiSC and how you can adapt your approach to fit your clients’ style, please send us an email.

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