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Over the last several weeks, our entire country has come to recognize the critical need to isolate ourselves to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. And even when we venture out of our homes to buy groceries or pick up a take-out meal, we are careful to stay six feet away from anyone else and wear a mask that covers half of our face.

Along with isolation can come a heightened sense of fear – fear of catching COVID-19, fear of losing someone close to us, fear of being furloughed or watching our retirement savings dwindle in value. Clients are worried, and when you are isolated, worries tend to be magnified.

Presumably by now, you have communicated with most, if not all, of your clients. As the days and weeks of isolation turn into a month or even longer, it is vitally important that your communication with clients and prospective clients be more than an emailed market update or even a voice on the phone.

Here are some suggestions on how you can connect on a more personal level.

Even if you are unable to send individual emails, make your emailed communication personal. Clients want to know what you think – not your firm’s market strategist or an asset manager guru. They want to hear your reassurance that this was the kind of stress their financial plan was tested for – not someone who doesn’t know their circumstances telling them to “stay the course.”

Switch to video calls for personal one-on-one interaction, using Skype, Zoom or a similar service. Video calling from your home, even if a child interrupts or a dog starts barking, makes a powerful statement – about your adherence to government guidelines as well as your commitment to the well-being of your clients.

Record a video or host a webinar to connect with groups of clients. They want to hear from you so no market expert is needed, and you can record your video on your phone, posting it to your website or on social media.

Check with your compliance department for their requirements, but one of our clients asked her audience to email their questions for a group Q&A session in advance. She sent their questions and her responses to compliance, they approved them, and her webinar was a big success.

Remember, your authenticity is demonstrated by your willingness to be vulnerable. What they’ll see is that their financial advisor or planner made the extra effort to stay personally in touch with them. That they saw your dog or toddler jump up on your lap while you were talking? That was a bonus!

Need writing help?

You may be like many of our clients who wanted some type of personal communication that would speak to their audience and reflect their own perspective, but they didn’t have the time or writing skills to make it happen.

If this sounds like the assistance you need, then let’s talk. We can help with a single email, an entire communication plan, or something in between, fully customized to your perspective and in your own communication style. Send me an email and let’s schedule a time to talk.

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  1. will adamczyk April 14, 2020 at 3:00 pm #

    I love your articles Susan!! I just got a zoom account and will be using it along with more phone calls…I have been reluctant to call my clients as much as I should and this “make it personal” article, along with the “practical tips for times in turmoi”l and “talking points for client conversations” are SO timely for me right now! I have a broker dealer approved website through FMG suite. They will be adding a section in a couple days on my website that will have pre written and BD approved articles on Covid19 and market volatility as well as automated postings every couple days on linked in that have already begun..I will be making some other changes on the site and linked in as I have been very inconsistent in keeping up with them . I plan on writing a current blog for my site and a personal post on linked. I just haven’t known where to start and have been stuck. I like so many of the points you have provided in the talking points article. I think it would be good to connect for a 30 min chat in next few days. thanks , Will

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