Your Clients’ Personal Concierge

Last time we wrote about how you can make life easy for your busy clients by keeping them informed, helping them get organized and stay organized, and by enabling them to make the best use of their time.

As an extension of ways you can help your best (and busiest) clients, why not provide personal concierge services?

First, they already come to you for guidance when they are looking for a new accountant or estate planning attorney, or perhaps an elder law attorney. They assume – correctly – that you are likely to know the best providers for these services.

Second, you want to build relationships with the best of the best in your community for collaboration and sharing referrals, as well as potentially to earn their business.

So why not formalize what you are already doing and develop your reputation as the go-to person when clients or prospective clients need various services or resources?

Here is what you can do to get started:

  • Build a list of the types of services or resources where clients and others are already accustomed to asking you for advice regarding providers.
  • For each area, add names and contact information for people that you would not hesitate to recommend.
  • Brainstorm other areas that could be developed. Examples include real estate professionals, interior designers, auto dealers, jewelers, landscapers, and contractors.

As you begin to create the list of people you would recommend, contact them and schedule a time to meet. Tell them that, from time to time, you have clients who ask for recommendations to other professionals. But before you recommend someone whose services you haven’t used personally, you like to get together with them to make sure they would be a good fit for your clients.

In the course of interviewing them, describe your best clients and the types of services or solutions you provide to them.

Wouldn’t these professionals want to get to know you better? Wouldn’t they be interested in collaborating to help you serve these clients? Of course, they would!

And so, while positioning yourself as your clients’ go-to person, their personal concierge, you are very likely to create opportunities for yourself as well!

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