Your Client’s Perspective

Recently, an advisor asked what we thought was the most important value we provide our advisor-clients. What an interesting question!

We could have said that we help advisors and planners develop a strong client experience that is both comprehensive and consistent. Or we could have mentioned how much we love helping them define their messaging – exactly what it is that differentiates them and their practice from the other advisors or planners in their market.

Actually, we love helping advisors in both of these areas. But before we can do either, we always begin with their clients.

First, we ask them to think about 3-5 of their favorite clients – the ones they enjoy the most and the ones who obviously need and appreciate what they do for them. We ask about their demographics, and more importantly, who they are as people – their personalities, their families, what brings them joy and contentment.

We ask about what their clients want to accomplish, the concerns and challenges they face. When they first became clients, what questions did they have and how did the advisors get them to articulate those questions?

We have always believed that the perspective of the client is the lens through which everything should be examined and that the best financial advisors and planners are the ones who get that. They really know and understand their clients.

Despite what you may have heard, it’s not about providing some type of knock-your-socks-off experience. Clients want to be heard. They want to be understood. And they want an advisor who knows what they need most and can give them confidence and peace of mind that their future is secure.

When you look at the world through your clients’ eyes, it’s amazing what you can see!

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