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Are You Ready?

Are you ready for it?  You know, the question that always comes when you are just getting to know someone in a new group in your community.  The one that goes like this: “So…what do you do for work?”

Many advisors stumble or are less effective than they want to be when someone asks about their work.  Sometimes they’ll launch into a “value proposition” because that’s what they were trained to say.  Or they’ll simply respond with, “I’m a financial advisor,” and expect that the other person will know exactly what kind of financial advisor they are.

In order to be effective in answering the “what do you do” question, you need to keep in mind three things:

  1. Be Prepared – Spend time thinking through your response. What do you want to convey?  How do you want the other person to respond? Make sure that your response is clear and concise.
  2. Be Enthusiastic – No one wants to hear from someone who is uninterested in what they are talking about. Enthusiasm is infectious.  An easy way to start is with something as simple as, “I have the best career ever,” or “I love what I do.”
  3. Pivot to Your Clients – It’s so much more powerful to share the story of someone you’ve recently helped than to talk about yourself or recite a canned value proposition. For example, you can say, “I’d love to tell you about what I do. But first, let me tell you about our clients….”

Taking the time to think ahead and plan what you will say will make those “what do you do?” questions, not only easier to handle but may even find you someone new to help.

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