What’s Your Question?

While helping advisors with marketing brochures and presentations, I’m often asked about including a list of services they provide.

You’ve seen the lists – financial or retirement planning, investing, risk management, estate planning, etc. Sometimes, perhaps too often, you’ll see an added adjective like “holistic” to make it sound special.

More likely than not, prospective clients are likely to skip right over the list.

Why? I believe it’s because they’re more concerned about having their questions answered than figuring out whether your solutions fit their needs.

Put differently, stop thinking about what you do and start thinking about your prospective client’s questions.

Here are a few examples to help you get started:

  • Have I saved enough to be able to retire when I want?
  • How can get my arms around where my money is going?
  • Have I done enough to protect my family if something happens to me?
  • What should I do to limit the amount of taxes I pay each year?
  • How can I leave a lasting legacy to my loved ones?

Your questions don’t have to be long, and they can be grouped by general topic—retirement, family needs, tax & estate, small business and corporate compensation.

If you communicate effectively and demonstrate that you understand your prospective clients’ particular questions and concerns, you’ll create a much stronger connection with them than if you had simply provided a list of services.

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