Everything in the New Normal

As we’ve been speaking with advisors across the country, it’s been fascinating to hear stories of how different states and communities have started to re-open after COVID restrictions.  Some states like California and Vermont lifted additional restrictions this week while others lifted all or nearly all restrictions in May.

The July issue of Consumer Reports has a cover story on Living the New Normal with tips on how to stay safe when traveling, dining, exercising, attending music and sporting events, and socializing at parties and celebrations. The article cites CDC guidance that “at indoor and outdoor events where everyone is fully vaccinated, masks and staying 6 feet apart are now unnecessary.”

Looking ahead to September, it’s safe to say that things will be about as normal as they can be.

Therefore, now is a perfect to time to determine how you want to engage in your community in the fall and going forward.

Need some ideas on ways to get involved?  Here are some suggestions:

  • Neighborhood/Community Groups – you can get involved in your local government, join the board of your Homeowners Association or join a community service organization like Rotary or Kiwanis.
  • Business Organizations – check out your local Chamber of Commerce or you can find (or create) a professional network.
  • Religious Organizations – find opportunities to teach, serve or support your local church or synagogue.
  • Non-profits/charitable Organizations – connect with a local chapter of the United Way or Habitat for Humanity; get involved with the heart, breast cancer, Alzheimer’s or other health organizations; or find a small, local charity with goals you support.
  • Sports (as participant or coach) – different sports groups and leagues include golf, softball/baseball, basketball, tennis/pickleball, and running.
  • Education – You can teach personal finance at community college; volunteer to help the local school, PTO or Junior Achievement; or get involved with your college or Greek alumni organization.
  • Creative Arts – Considering volunteering a local museum, join a community band or other performing arts group, or find (or found) a photography club.

Getting involved in your community is a great way to meet prospective clients.  Even better, you get to serve others!

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