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Show Them Who You Are!

Last week we wrote that one key to success with community involvement is joining a group that you would join if even if you weren’t a financial advisor.

Another key to success is finding ways to demonstrate the characteristics that people value in a financial advisor.  What are those characteristics?  Here are a few:

  • Good communication skills
  • Pleasant demeanor
  • Care and concern for others
  • Honesty/trustworthiness
  • Willingness and ability to get things done

When others observe those characteristics in your community involvement, they’ll assume that’s what they would see in you as a financial advisor.

Here’s an example:

Alex volunteers as a baseball coach for his local Little League team.  He has three goals every season: 1) make sure the kids are safe; 2) make sure they are having fun; and 3) make sure they learning to love baseball.  He’s always hustling to get things done and never hesitates to volunteer for various committees.

Here’s what the parents see:  a guy who cares, communicates well and works hard.  If he’s willing to do all of this for something he volunteers for, imagine what he does at his job!

Let’s flip things around:  what if Alex volunteered but took a lackadaisical approach.  He shows up to practice late, forgets to send reminders about upcoming games, and frequently loses his temper with the kids.  Do you think the parents have any interest in spending time with him off the field?

Of course, it’s best if you raise your hand and get involved.  But even if you aren’t in a leadership position, you can find ways to demonstrate the qualities people look for in a financial advisor.  Be personable, show up early and stay late, have fun and talk to everyone.

Next week we’ll discuss various ways to share what you do in an easy, relaxed way.

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