The Holiday Appointment Scheduling Blues

Around this time of year, I often hear from advisors who struggle to schedule new appointments between Thanksgiving and the beginning of the New Year.

They are often met with the response that the client or prospective client is too busy and would rather wait until next year.

As we know, the “busyness” that everyone feels doesn’t obviate the need to keep financial plans on track (or in some cases, get them started).

So how do we break through that holiday objection and keep things moving during the last six weeks of the year?

Here’s an approach you might use:

“Mr./Ms. Client/Prospect, as we approach the holiday season, I wanted to specifically give you a call.  Many of my most successful clients schedule time with me between Thanksgiving and the end of December to prepare for the upcoming year.  I’ve dedicated some time on my calendar to meet with them, and I wanted to see about including you in my schedule as well. How does [proposed date/time] work for you?”

There are several reasons why this approach works:

First, you are demonstrating how important that client/prospect is by indicating that you are calling them specifically.  In other words, you’re not calling every client – just the ones that are most important.

Second, you are leveraging the power of social proof to demonstrate that others have found this time of year to be the best time to meet.  By hearing what other successful individuals are doing, your client/prospect is likely to want to join that group.

And third, you are emphasizing that your time is limited.  Individuals are more likely to act when they know that opportunities are few.  Rather than implying that you are free to meet whenever and wherever the client/prospect chooses, you demonstrate that appointments with you are hard to come by, which makes them more valuable in your clients’ eyes.

As the world gets busier over the next six weeks, make sure your schedule does too!

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