What Your COI Needs to Know

In last week’s post, Unconventional Centers of Influence, guest contributor Bob David shared some out-of-the-box thinking about centers of influence.  Essentially, anyone who comes into regular contact with your niche could potentially become a center of influence.

Once you’ve identified some of these COIs, the next question is, what do you want the COI to know about you? The three most important items are:

  1. Who you help
  2. How you help them
  3. What to do next

First, you need to share who you help, and details really do matter.  Don’t just say, “I work with widows.”  Be specific.  Do you focus on widows who recently lost their spouse or those who have lived on their own for some time?

You work with family-owned businesses? Great!  How big are those businesses (by revenue or employee count)? Are most of those businesses in a specific industry?  Are the owners looking to sell?

Go even further with examples.  Tell the story of one of your clients.  Make it real.  Help the COI visualize exactly who your clients are. It’s the details that will unlock the connections in their mind.

Next, share how you help them.  Don’t assume that because you say you are a financial advisor, the COI knows what you mean.  Explain exactly what your process entails, the experience and guidance you provide, and how your clients benefit.

Lastly, what do you want the COI to do once they recognize someone who needs your help?  Should they give them your name? Provide your business card and suggest they call you? Contact you to talk about the best way to connect?

You aren’t trying to make them your personal sales staff, but you should script this step for them so that they react automatically and without hesitation.

Next week, we’ll discuss how to nurture existing relationships with centers of influence.

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