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Your Vision & Why It Matters

One of the great things about January is that it’s a new month, a new year and to some degree, a fresh slate. It’s no surprise that more people join gyms or buy workout equipment in January than any other time of the year.

For your clients, the new year is an appropriate time to rethink their goals for building financial security for retirement or financial independence, as well as measure the progress they have made over the past year.

For you, it’s a great opportunity to refine your vision for building the practice you’ve always wanted, as you review the progress your business has made.

What is your vision for the future of your business?

Your vision for your ideal business can be defined as the standards you’ve intentionally set for the business you are building. It should include:

  1. The type of experience you want to provide to your clients―your planning and/or investing advice and all related services.
  2. The support structure you have in place to deliver that client experience―the people on your team and how they function, as well as your physical and technological resources.
  3. Your marketing messaging, how you deliver that messaging to prospective clients and the resulting growth of your business.

Intentional means that you have put time and thought into what you want your business to be and to do for your clients, for your team and for yourself, and that you have developed and implemented the strategies and action plans you need to make it happen.

Why does it matter?

Defining your vision matters for your clients because they benefit from a well-designed and consistent client experience―from knowing what to expect and from the confidence they have that you can help them succeed in achieving their dreams.

It matters to your prospective clients because they want to know that you’re the real thing, that they can count on you to deliver and even expand on the value you provide well into the future.

It matters to your team because they understand exactly what is expected of them, that they have opportunities to grow, and that they are empowered with everything they need to serve clients well.

Finally, it matters to you because your team functions like clockwork, your business is growing just as you planned, and you know your life’s work will provide immeasurable value to your clients and their families, as well as serve the needs and desires of your own family, for many years to come.

Clearly defining your vision is the first step in building the practice you’ve always wanted.

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