If you could wipe the slate clean and design your ideal business, what would it look like?  Whether you prefer to take advantage of custom coaching or one of our specialized coaching programs, we provide the guidance, tools, and resources you need to build the practice you’ve always wanted. 

Custom Coaching

Looking for a personalized approach to strengthen and grow your business? Our custom coaching process begins with helping you define what you want your business to become, and then analyzing where you are now to see what gaps exist.

As we partner with you to develop your plan and strategies, we help you look at everything from the perspective of your clients. Since everything you say and do, and everything you don’t say or do, communicates a message, we help you make certain it’s the message you intend.

Finally, we know that all-too-often life gets in the way of our best-laid plans, so rather than leaving you with something that sits on a shelf gathering dust, we stay with you to the finish line, providing whatever guidance, help, tools, and resources you need to turn your vision into reality.

Our custom coaching program includes bi-weekly, one-hour coaching calls and ongoing help with creating or customizing tools and resources to implement the changes you want to make, as well as any help you need with writing and editing client-facing materials and marketing messaging. Custom coaching may include any or all of the topics listed below.

Based on your needs and preferences, our calls can include any or all other members of your team. All custom coaching clients also receive a complimentary membership for all team members to access our Advisor Resource Center.

The fee for Custom Coaching is $800 per month for individual advisors or teams, with no minimum time requirement.

Specialized Coaching Programs

Telling Your Story

Tired of marketing messaging that sounds like everyone else’s? Telling Your Story is designed to help you attract your ideal clients, by helping you clearly define and effectively communicate your story and key differentiators. Your marketing messaging will include Our Clients, How We Are Different, Our Client Experience, Our Core Beliefs, and advisor & team biographies.

The fee for Telling Your Story, including all writing and editing services, ranges from $1,600-$3,200.

Preparing for Family Transitions

Like many advisors, you may have concerns about the increase in average age of your clients. You know you need to attract the adult children of those clients to have any hope of retaining the relationship and assets. Preparing for Family Transitions has been developed to help address this problem.

We provide guidance on how to implement an educational workshop program to which older clients can invite their adult children, and developing opportunities for you to facilitate family conversations around topics related to the aging process, how to select, and the responsibilities of, whoever may take over for mom or day, whenever that time may come…and more!

The fee for Preparing for Family Transitions, including customized workshop outline, PowerPoint slides, and Preparing for Family Transitions workbook, ranges from $1,600-$2,400.

Business Planning

Need assistance in defining where you want your business to go and exactly what you need to do to get there? We guide you through a one-on-one coaching process, resulting in your Business Roadmap that begins with defining your ideal business and ideal clients and setting short- and long-term quantitative goals.

We help you assess and develop strategic initiatives designed to strengthen your client experience, your support team and resources, and your marketing messaging and strategies. Then we help you prioritize and develop action plans for your initiatives, as well as the tools you need for effective implementation and accountability.

The fee for Business Planning, including all Business Roadmap templates and checklists, ranges from $2,400-$4,000.

Client Experience

Maximize your value by developing a client experience that best fulfills the needs and concerns of your ideal clients. We help you define or refine your comprehensive advice or planning process and client service standards, along with the templates, checklists, and other resources you need to deliver them consistently and efficiently. Also included is help building a client segmentation strategy that is easy to implement so you can focus your efforts on providing the level of care and service your clients deserve.

The fee for Client Experience, including help with customizing all the resources you will need for successful implementation, ranges from $1,600-$2,400.