Family Team Summit

Whether your family team includes parents, children, spouses, siblings or other family members, you have an amazing opportunity to build a legacy that honors the past and celebrates the future.

Successful family teams can build strong practices with many areas of expertise and serve clients across multiple generations. Succession planning can become simple and painless.

However, family teams can also experience unique challenges.

Integrating the new family team member can be much more complicated than they had imagined as family members may have divergent visions, unmet expectations, and other areas of potential misalignment.

Conflict or communication difficulties, getting buy-in from non-family members and defining a new family team story can interfere with what has enabled the team to function well in the past.

Our Family Team Summit provides an opportunity for family teams from across the country to work together to identify and maximize their opportunities for success, share best practices, and find help for their biggest challenges.

Who Should Attend the Family Team Summit?

While many family teams are already successful from a business perspective, few have had the opportunity to focus on properly managing family and team dynamics to create a stronger entity for future growth.

The Family Team Summit emphasizes not only top performance in the workplace, but also how to manage being a family in business together.

The four coaches who lead this program run family practices themselves and have decades of experience working with family teams.

This program is right for you if you have a family team, and:

  • You want to maximize your team dynamics and interaction
  • You are looking to discuss best practices and common challenges with other family teams
  • You want to build a shared vision of success for the future
  • You want to grow your business in 2020 and beyond
  • You want to work with coaches that personally understand the blessings and challenges that come from working with family members

How the Family Team Summit Program Works

The program includes three in-person sessions in great locations, monthly strategy calls and coaching calls between the sessions, and a variety of resources.

In addition to training, interactive workshops, and peer-to-peer consulting at the in-person sessions, included are various social outings and/or activities designed to strengthen family relationships.

For more information about our Family Team Summit program, including topics covered at each of the three in-person sessions and pricing, download the brochure below.

Download the Brochure

To enroll just send us an email or call Adam at 865-288-3825!