Group Coaching

Group coaching provides a cost-effective way to learn new skills and strategies along with a great opportunity to share successes and challenges with your peers in a small group environment. 

Building Your Path to Growth

Times have changed, and it is harder than ever to develop and establish a successful practice as a financial advisor. Old methods of building business and gaining clients need to be adapted to today’s world.

The strategies we address in this group coaching program represent subtle, but effective shifts to make advisors more successful in today’s environment. In addition to growth strategies, advisors learn ways to better connect with prospects and focus on solving their pain points.

Group coaching program format

  • Six-month program with custom groups of 6‐10 advisors
  • Four group webinars where participants learn specific strategies for business development and the psychology of communication (60 minutes)
  • Eight positive accountability group calls (45‐60 minutes each)

The fee for Building Your Path to Growth is $795 per participant for the entire 6-month program.

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Group Webinar Topics

#1 – A Genuine Approach to Articulating Your Value

Many financial advisors struggle to talk about what they do with friends, family members, and prospective clients. They often lack the practical perspective to articulate their value and end up with generic statements that don’t resonate with individuals in the real world.

In this session, we explore the value that a financial advisor provides and examine how advisors can better tell their story. In addition, participants leave with specific tactics to grow their confidence during this challenging time.

#2 – Connecting and Selling to Different Styles

What causes us to do what we do? Why do we seem to relate to some people better than others? How can two people be in the same situation and respond to it very differently? These are questions people have asked across the ages.

Here we help participants understand what makes them tick and how others may see the world just a little differently. They learn how to relate to, build trust with, and sell to different personalities.

#3 – Business Development Strategies That Work TODAY

The relationship with the prospect has never been more important. The current economic environment has created more skepticism, less trust and greater expectations.

People in the financial industry who understand the science and art of business development are able to break through these potential barriers and build long-lasting relationships.

#4 – Niche Marketing and the Online Advisor

Which is better: to be a jack of all trades or a master of one?  Many advisors begin their career as generalists – marketing to anyone and everyone.  However, a good niche market provides advisors with a clear differentiator that can overcome their lack of industry experience and lead to more opportunities for growth.

A strong online presence is vital in today’s digital world.  The online advisor knows that his or her website and social media represent their best chance to make a good first impression.

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