11983583_mOur clients are busy, successful advisors with sufficient experience to know who they are and where they want to go. Whether affiliated with a major firm, an independent B/D or their own RIA, they want to provide a comprehensive and consistent client experience. They know that it takes a well-structured, professionally managed team, and successful branding and marketing strategies to grow their business. They simply need some help to put it all into place.

Believing that there is no one perfect way to run a successful, client-focused practice, we begin by helping you clearly define your ideal business. Then we help you design a strategic plan and action steps to achieve that vision.

From the many tools and resources available on Pathfinder Advisor, to group programs, to custom consulting and coaching, we offer a full range of services to help you build your own ideal business.

Custom Coaching

Looking for a customized approach to strengthen and grow your business? Our custom coaching program includes regular, one-on-one phone calls and a broad range of fully customizable tools and resources. When appropriate, we extend this coaching to include other members of your team. On-site visits are available, but often not necessary. All one-on-one coaching clients also receive a complimentary membership to Pathfinder Advisor.

Business Roadmap

Need assistance in defining where you want your business to go and exactly how to get there? We guide you through a one-on-one consulting process, resulting in a personalized business roadmap and action plan, complete with customized tools and templates from Pathfinder Advisor.

Advisory Transition

We help you transition to an advisory business model, including a more comprehensive and consistent advice process, along with clearly defined approach to managing investments. Then we help you develop a customized plan, along with tailored messaging to communicate your new business model to clients, providing a smooth transition process.

Telling Your Story

Tired of marketing messaging that sounds like everyone else’s? Telling Your Story is designed to help you attract your ideal clients, by helping you clearly define and effectively communicate your story and key differentiators. Marketing messages include: Our Clients, How We Are Different, Our Client Experience, Our Core Beliefs, and advisor & team biographies.

Client Experience

Maximize your value by developing a client experience that best fits the needs and concerns of your ideal clients. We help you define or refine your comprehensive advice process and service standards, along with the tools and resources you need to deliver them consistently and efficiently. Included are client segmentation strategies that are easy to implement and focus your efforts in the right direction.

Support Structure Enhancements

Beginning with a thorough assessment of your current operational processes and support team, we help you identify gaps and offer clear methods to make improvements. Areas of focus can include clearly defining team members’ roles and responsibilities, documenting policies and procedures, and better use of technology.

Business Analytics

Trying to determine how best to split revenue with a new team member? Or develop a new security selection process? Or do you simply need a way to quickly calculate the target asset allocation for a portfolio? We can enhance your analysis and decision-making processes by building tools and spreadsheets specifically for you and your team that are easy to use and simple to update.

Marketing & Communications

Effective marketing requires two key elements: a clearly defined, differentiating message and the means to communicate that message in a compelling way to the right audience. We stand ready to help you better define and craft your message, develop your marketing materials and then deliver that message to your intended audience.

Leadership & Staff Development

Effective leadership calls for clear communications skills, strong staff development and organizational effectiveness. We help your leadership team strengthen their skills while enhancing team relationships. Your team will learn how to work together to develop your strategy and then implement it successfully. Assistance with team development around meeting expectations as well as human resources elements are included.

Strategic Planning

Strategic business planning involves the potential for making major beneficial changes, such as defining and implementing a new business model (going independent, changing broker-dealer, setting up an RIA, etc.), business acquisitions or other accelerated growth strategies, and business transition planning. Our experience and perspective provide critical support and guidance to ensure a seamless transition process.

Team Development

Multi-advisor teams have become the model of choice for serving the complex wealth needs of high and ultra-high net worth clients. Formation of multidisciplinary teams has unique challenges. Significant research on the construction and effective performance of teams has identified the major drivers of success. Our programs focus on leveraging this research to help team formation and improve existing team dynamics.

Technology Support

Do you struggle with technological gaps or technology that is not working at optimal efficiency? We can help you develop plans for improvement and, where needed, help implement the technology change by working with vendors for contracting the service, training the staff and managing the entire process.