Our team’s vast industry and field experience provides unique insight into the needs and concerns of the high-quality advisors and staff that your organization must attract and retain in order to be truly successful. We understand that firms must provide comprehensive and consistent experiences to their financial advisors through relevant programs and resources that rejuvenate their commitment and support while helping them to grow professionally.

Just like your advisors, you know that the perspective or viewpoint of the client is the lens through which every decision should be examined. By implementing smart, strategic business solutions through a focused leadership, your staff can become better equipped for meeting the rising market challenges.

Everything you say and do, and everything you don’t say and do, communicates a message. Through our carefully designed programs and services, as well as special access to the tools and resources of PathfinderAdvisor, we can help you make certain you’re communicating the message you want to send to your advisors.

Business Roadmap Planning Program

Our comprehensive planning program is designed to analyze and optimize your business with a focus on improving your client experience, enhancing your support structure and increasing business development. Our process includes, but is not limited to, business analysis, process improvement, policies & procedures, office/administration services, data services and analytics. Our team can assist you in integrating data services for greater efficiency and cost savings, as well as creating analytics to provide reporting on ROI and metrics for reviewing and tracking process for efficiencies. Recommended for firms who want help defining where they want their business to go, we work with you to help identify long-term and short-term vision, goals, strategies and tactics. With a solid understanding of your aspirational vision, we create a blueprint to guide you toward achieving, and often surpassing, your goals.

Project Planning & Implementation Support

Our team has extensive experience in managing complex projects from initial planning all the way through to implementation. Our clients regularly look to Pathfinder to assist in the planning and implementation of their most important projects. We ask the questions, which you might not have considered, that can make the difference between success and project failure.  As technology evolves, our methodology around implementing those changes stays in sync. As custodians and solution providers update their technology and offer new services & products, the firms using them need to stay up to speed in utilizing and implementing those services into their business. Additionally, firms looking to recruit advisors need to be competitive and recognize which providers’ services/products offer the best value.

Team Development

Effective leadership calls for clear communication skills, strong staff development and organizational effectiveness. Pathfinder Strategic Solutions can help your firm better respond to and plan for business fluctuations while enhancing team relationships by reviewing current team structures, roles, and communications to determine any gaps that can be filled. Solutions may include consulting with senior members of the firm to improve leadership and the further development of team members in areas such as management, supervision, conducting performance reviews and talent acquisition.

Branding, Marketing & Communications

We work with your firm to define the needs, concerns and challenges of your ideal advisor-client. We then develop the messages that clearly demonstrate how your firm is uniquely positioned to deliver value to those advisors. With your marketing messages determined, we then develop succinct marketing materials, newsletters and press releases that fully communicate your firm’s messaging to your target audience.

Support Structure Enhancements

Similar to our advisor offering, this process focuses on the broader firm with an assessment of the current operational processes and support team to determine and identify gaps, such as undefined or poorly defined roles and responsibilities, lack of documented policies and procedures, and inefficient use of technology within the organization. We then work with your firm to offer tailored solutions to fill those gaps and raise operational effectiveness.

Firm-sponsored Services for Advisors

Conference Workshops, Breakout Sessions

Pathfinder offers custom-designed programs for workshops or breakout sessions that meet the needs of sponsoring organizations for your advisors. Potential topics could include: business planning, enhancing your client experience, team development, telling your story, marketing strategies and more.

Custom Group Coaching

Our custom programs are delivered in single or multiple formats to meet the needs of your organization. Topics can include business planning, enhancing your client experience, team development, marketing strategies and more. Depending on your advisors’ specific needs, our group coaching services can be offered via webinars, conference calls or workshops.