Every day is moving day

Every Day is Moving Day

You may have noticed that we didn’t publish a new Perspective last week.  That’s because last week we moved to our new corporate headquarters.

Well, considering that we run Pathfinder out of Susan’s house, headquarters is a bit of a lofty term.  Susan and her husband (and my dad) Jerry moved from one home to another.  Pathfinder just happened to go along for the ride.

The new digs are quite nice.  We have a dedicated space on the second floor for us to work.  We have a great space in my office to record videos (new ones coming soon).  And we have the fastest internet I’ve ever used.

I’ve found that the move has given me lots of energy and enthusiasm.  I’m creating new routines, busting habits and finding a new rhythm to my work.

When I headed off to college, my mother told me, “The best thing about moving is that everything is new – an opportunity for a fresh start.” You meet new people, make new routines, and you can take new paths. Maybe you want to be known as Tom instead of Tommy.  Or maybe you want to change your hair or clothing style.  It’s up to you!

It’s such a refreshing feeling. The world feels wide open.

For many financial advisors and financial planners, working from home is starting to turn into a well-worn rut. The markets have rebounded from their lows and are up on the year.  Every client has been contacted at least twice.  So now it may seem like there’s nothing to do but sit around and get used to the new normal.

What if I told you it didn’t have to be that way?  Every day can be moving day! You don’t have to pack everything up into boxes.  Just make a few changes to your environment and routine.

Here are some ideas:

  • Organize your working space differently. Clear out the clutter and make space to work.
  • Add some new life by placing a plant or even a fishbowl with a few goldfish on your desk.
  • Change the wallpaper on your computer and/or phone.
  • Start using a different pen or buy a new mouse.
  • If you have returned to the office, drive the scenic route.

These small changes will force your mind to work differently.  As a result, you will likely find new ways to work and some fresh enthusiasm to serve your clients well.

Make every day moving day!

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