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Getting the Big Things Done

Of all the productivity tips I’ve learned and shared over the years, time-blocking has had the biggest impact – on me and on others with whom I’ve shared it. Perhaps you’ve heard the expression, “If you don’t plan your day, your day will plan you.” Time-blocking is a great way to plan your day (or week) in advance to get the big things done. I’ve also heard it referred to as timeboxing or creating a “model day.”  Like most of you, my introduction to the concept was from Stephen Covey.  […]

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Mastering Your Inbox

Some of our readers may remember when email was still so rare that it was actually exciting to hear the AOL voice say, “You’ve got mail!” People even sought out fun email notifications. Of course, as email usage grew rapidly, we had to mute our computers to avoid the annoying “ding” of email notifications. But even then, there’s the constant checking – for some it’s become an addiction! How can we be productive when we spend so much time checking our email? Given that we can’t pull the plug on […]

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Need Help Staying Focused?

“I just can’t seem to get anything done.” “As soon as I start, something pulls me away.” “Why can’t I just stay focused?” Sound familiar?  Our desire to be always available and always in-the-know can leave us feeling attacked on all sides by a barrage of information vying for our attention. But by allowing ourselves to be so easily distracted, we damage our own ability to think.  One study found that those who are persistently interrupted by emails and phone calls had a 10-point reduction in IQ – more than […]

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Your Core Values & Why They Matter

Most people have some type of core values or belief system that influences what they do in business and in life. Areas in your practice where your core values may be particularly relevant include client experience, investing, team interaction, business practices, marketing, and business development. Here are some examples of how your values or beliefs impact your approach. Client experience – the importance you place on the depth of relationships you establish with your clients; how comprehensive and consistent you believe your advice process should be; what you believe about […]

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What If a Prospective Client Isn’t Ideal?

You’ve met (or been referred to) a new prospective client. Fortunately, you have a clearly defined description of your ideal client criteria. Unfortunately, this prospective client doesn’t meet them. What do you do next? There are three possibilities. 1.  Pre-ideal First, the prospective client very closely resembles your ideal client in all the qualitative areas you’ve defined. However, he or she doesn’t yet meet your required level of assets. The operative word is, “yet.” We would call this prospective client, “pre-ideal.” They are pre-ideal because you know that they will […]

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Defining Your Ideal Client & Why It Matters

Like most advisors and planners, you may have a pretty good understanding of who your ideal clients are. If I were to ask you to identify them, it’s likely that four or five clients would immediately pop into your head. But you may not have taken the time to identify the specific traits or factors that define your ideal clients. Your first thoughts are likely to be quantitative. How much assets must they have under your care and management? How much revenue should they generate to meet your expectations of […]

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Your Vision & Why It Matters

One of the great things about January is that it’s a new month, a new year and to some degree, a fresh slate. It’s no surprise that more people join gyms or buy workout equipment in January than any other time of the year. For your clients, the new year is an appropriate time to rethink their goals for building financial security for retirement or financial independence, as well as measure the progress they have made over the past year. For you, it’s a great opportunity to refine your vision […]

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Your 2018 in Review

Barring a major turn-around in the equity markets in the remaining days of 2018, most would agree that it’s not been a stellar year. But the measure of your success should not be based on how the markets do, over which you have no control. Rather, let’s look at what you can control and assess your practice in five key areas over the last year. Your Purpose How much progress have you made toward however you define your ideal practice? How well have you focused on seeking new ideal clients, […]

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Planning Your Client Communications

Our last two posts (Stop Touching Your Clients and The Ways and Means of Client Communication) emphasized the importance of being intentional in your client communications. As we prepare to enter a new calendar year, take time to plan when you will communicate with your clients.  Here are three simple ways to do that. 1. Create a plan for the new year.  Start with a calendar and pick the days you want to commemorate with clients. Most advisors and planners provide some type of holiday greeting at Thanksgiving or in […]

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