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Stop Pretending

Impostor syndrome It is a feeling of inadequacy that constantly works to undermine your confidence. Here are four steps for financial advisors and financial planners to defeat impostor syndrome for good.

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Relaunch 2020

Adam and Susan to present “Relaunch 2020” at FPA Webinar

The first half of 2020 was decidedly not what anyone expected.  Planners are asking, “Where we do go from here?  What are the lessons from the last six months?”  If there’s ever a time to rethink your practice, it’s now! Join Susan Kornegay, CFP® and Adam Kornegay, RCC™ as they present actionable strategies for financial planners who want to regroup and set the stage for a strong end of the year.  Topics will include: How to refine the way you see your role as a financial planner How to take a good […]

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