Teacher writing various high school maths formula on chalkboard.

Find the Formula

In her post last week, Susan described the difference between Results Goals and Activity Goals.  A Results Goal is something that you can’t directly control; whereas, an Activity Goal is something over which you have direct control. The real challenge is figuring out how to create a series of Activity Goals that will enable you to reach your Results Goal. The simplest way to approach this challenge is with something I call―Find the Formula.  In other words, what are the elements that will drive that particular result? For example, let’s […]

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New year 2020 wood number happy new year 2020 concept

Goals! Goals! Goals!

As we approach the end of one decade and the beginning of another, it’s good to reflect on past goals as well as take the first steps toward establishing new ones. Let’s begin by differentiating between two very different types of goals and the importance of each. Results goals Results goals represent the outcomes you want to see at the end of a specific period of time but over which you have minimal or no direct control. Annual revenue is the most important goal for most advisors and planners. Revenue […]

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Creative thanksgiving day concept photo of pumpkin made of paper on brown background.

A Thanksgiving Gift

Last week we received an interesting notification from the Contact Us page on our website. Here was the message: “This is Don and Sarah Smith [not their real names]. You were our financial advisor when we first started in the market. You are amazing. We would just love to touch base with you after all these years.” Adam had no idea who they were, but I certainly did. Don and Sarah were in their twenties when they stopped by our office in the local Sears store in Fairview Heights, IL. […]

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Pathfinder Office Hours

Announcing Pathfinder Office Hours – Fridays at 2pm Eastern

Something on your mind that you need to work out? Need a quick jumpstart on a new marketing idea?  Just looking for some motivation at the end of the week?  Introducing Pathfinder Office Hours – a completely free, open-ended conference call for financial advisors and financial planners with a focus on business development and practice management. Every Friday at 2pm Eastern at 865-297-4321.  Arrive the top of the hour or midway through – whatever works for you!

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Don't Start With Why

Don’t Start with Why

Ten years ago, Simon Sinek recorded his TED talk, “How Great Leaders Inspire Action,” which has now been viewed over 47 million times.  In the presentation, he emphasizes that successful organizations focus on their “why” instead of “what” or “how.” The talk has always left me feeling uneasy. It could be his emphasis on his “discovery” of what he calls the “golden circle” of “Why? What? How?” According to Sinek, this golden circle is “grounded in the tenets of biology” because it correlates to the structure of the brain.  He […]

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Three quick small talk tips

Uncomfortable with Small Talk? Three Quick Tips

Ever notice that seem people seem naturally gifted at small talk?  They can seemingly carry a conversation with anyone, anywhere at any time. For most of my life, I’ve always felt uncomfortable with small talk.  Perhaps it seemed too superficial.  Or I didn’t like the attention.  Or sometimes I just didn’t know what to say. But over time, with deliberate practice, I’ve become much better at starting and maintaining conversations with total strangers. Here are three tips that you might find helpful: 1. Be prepared. The first step in getting […]

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Three-Dimensional graph with arrows.

Seasonal Rally or Trouble Ahead?

The lead article in the email I received from Investment News was titled, “This Week Marks the Beginning of a Seasonal Rally.” The article notes that the six-month period beginning at the end of October “historically trounces the performance of the prior six-month period” and goes on to explain the rationale and indicators. Was it that long ago that everyone was concerned about rising interest rates and the inevitable recession on the horizon? And what about the effect of a contentious election cycle? Whether you are a bull or a […]

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Festive celebration roasted turkey for Thanksgiving or Christmas

Before You Pass the Turkey

Many advisors send cards and notes of thanks to their clients just before Thanksgiving. This year, you may want to send a version of this letter to your senior clients and/or their adult children. Please have it reviewed by your own compliance officer for any edits or disclosures they may require. Dear [Client Name], Thanksgiving Day, the fourth Thursday in November, marks the official start of the winter holiday season which typically runs through the end of December or into early January. It’s a time when families gather for catching […]

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Prepare For Your Best Conference Yet

We know that many of our clients are planning to attend the FPA Annual Conference next week in Minneapolis. Here is the article that Adam wrote for the Conference blog that you might find helpful. Even if you’re not able to make the FPA’s conference, you’ll find lots of good tips for the next conference you do attend. Before the Conference Start with a plan (of course!). Take some time to review the agenda, particularly for those times where you have to choose from multiple sessions. Begin to develop a strategy […]

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