“Just do your job”

Last week I wrote about a recent Wall Street Journal article on client segmentation (Playing Favorites 9/20/2010). I noted that the article’s online comments from investors were not very positive. The following was written by one of them: “Forget the hand holding, lunches and the schmoozing, I don’t need that. Just do your job and produce net returns in line with reasonable expectations. If you can’t beat a vanilla index fund I don’t need to be doing business with you. Too many advisors have got the relationship dynamics upside down.” […]

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Playing Favorites? Keep It Simple

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal discussed the topic of client segmentation (Playing Favorites 9/20/2010). Needless to say, online comments from investors were not terribly positive! My observations on the topic? Here are three: 1. Keep your client segmentation simple. Some advisors use complicated formulas to determine segmentation and service levels. This creates confusion when you or your staff have to stop and check a list to determine whether a specific client is an A or a B or a C (or a D, E or F) and […]

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The Opportunity of a Blank Slate

Every year for our nation’s children, the beginning of school brings with it the opportunity to start over. No papers have been written; no tests have been taken. No grades are recorded yet. It’s a blank slate. For those who are in a new school, for those who have gone away to college for the first time, it’s more than a blank slate: It’s an opportunity to recreate yourself, to reposition how you are perceived, to reinvent your identity. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to do that from […]

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