Staying Focused on Your Vision

Ever been seasick?  It’s a pretty rotten feeling.  As you may know, seasickness is caused by the conflict your brain experiences when it receives one message from your eyes and a different one from your inner ear.

Your inner ear says, “Hey, we’re moving!” but your eyes say, “We’re staying still.”

The best way to prevent or eliminate seasickness is to keep the horizon in view but without staring at it.  The horizon provides a point of reference for your brain. When your eyes see the boat moving relative to the horizon, it pairs that message with the “hey, we’re moving” message from your inner ear. Now that everything is in sync, you start to feel better.

Sailors use various points of reference all the time. From the sun and stars above to lighthouses on the shore, they use physical elements to determine the best course to chart.

A compelling vision (as discussed in our previous articles: 2020 – Your Perfect Vision, Your Vision as Inspiration and Sharing Your Vision with Your Team) can serve as your point of reference when making decisions.

When evaluating various choices, you can ask, “Does this bring my practice closer to or farther away from my vision?”

Here are some examples:

  • Will hiring this person help us achieve our vision faster?
  • Does this prospect match our ideal client profile?
  • How will this change in our service standards bring us closer to achieving our vision?
  • Is this initiative worth the time and/or expense in light of what we a striving for?

It doesn’t mean that detours won’t be necessary.  Sometimes you have to sail around the choppy water to find a smoother path.

Ultimately, a clear vision allows you to enthusiastically say, “Yes!” to the actions that will help your practice grow while confidently saying, “No,” to everything that will pull you away from what matters most.

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