Creating Accountability for your New Advisor

Creating Accountability for Your New Advisor

Congratulations! You have hired a great candidate to join your team as a new advisor.

Your next step is to outline your goals and expectations along with a detailed accountability plan. Your accountability plan should have 3 components:

  1. Description of the responsibility. Clearly define what you expect your new advisor to do.
  2. How you will provide assistance. Assistance could include a policies-and-procedures document, checklist, access to information, samples, scripts, and/or the opportunity to with you or someone else for direction and guidance.
  3. How you define success. Success could include activity goals (what you expect them to do) and/or results goals (what you expect them to accomplish), as well as a timetable for completion.)

So, how about some examples using a few of the responsibilities outlined in our article about job descriptions?

By clearly defining your expectations, providing appropriate support and guidance, and then measuring success against pre-determined goals for activities and results, you are setting the stage for helping your new advisor grow in their knowledge, experience, and confidence, on the way to becoming a valued contributor to the overall success of your business.

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