Employee Evaluations Made Easy!

No matter how small or large the firm, bonus plan or not, being a business owner with employees means performance reviews.

Yes, it can be time-consuming, and it may not be your favorite activity, but not having some sort of formal review process is unwise and can slow a firm down.  Now that we have started a new year, if you still do not have an evaluation process in place, we can offer some guidance.

First, the purpose. When you started your firm, you probably pictured a place with happy employees working hard to make the business a success and provide superior service to your clients. Just as you set your business plan and goals for the year to keep your firm thriving, those people working with you need the same guidance. More times that I can even count, when I am working with a practice where there is disorganization, lack of communication or poor service, I can trace it back to no clear direction and performance measure for the team.

Second, the form. Whether you opt to do a mid- or year-end review or both, the same document can serve the purpose. Click here for sample that you can edit for your purposes.  The key is to have your employees fill out the form prior to the meeting and submit that review and progress of their goals to you in advance of the meeting. This will give you time to think about and prepare for the meeting.

Lastly, implementation. We recommend a team meeting introducing the form and the process. Let them know that they should consider at least three goals that can be measured. I would recommend helping them tie those goals to the overall firm goals you have shared with them. Next, just set the meetings up on the calendar so everyone is held accountable and knows what to expect.

Hint: If you do a mid-year review, the end of year can be much smoother. Additionally, allowing employees a chance to hear feedback early and adjust their progress goes a long way to keeping your team connected and happy.

If you need some assistance setting up a process or polishing up the one in place today—give us a call!

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