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Your 2018 in Review

Barring a major turn-around in the equity markets in the remaining days of 2018, most would agree that it’s not been a stellar year.

But the measure of your success should not be based on how the markets do, over which you have no control. Rather, let’s look at what you can control and assess your practice in five key areas over the last year.

Your Purpose

  • How much progress have you made toward however you define your ideal practice?
  • How well have you focused on seeking new ideal clients, however you define them, to build your practice?
  • How well can you or anyone on your team describe your investment or business philosophy to a potential new client or team member?

Your Client Experience

  • How comprehensive and consistently applied is your advice or planning process?
  • How have you done in staying on top of regularly scheduled progress review meetings with clients?
  • How would you rate how well you’ve served your clients from an administrative or operational perspective?
  • How well have you communicated or provided educational opportunities for them?
  • Do you have a client segmentation system that works and do you use it consistently?

Your Support Structure

  • How well has your team functioned over the past year? Are the right people in the right positions?
  • Do you have written policies and procedures that have been followed by everyone on the team, including you?
  • Does your office space look professional and comfortable from your clients’ point of view?
  • How have you made the best use of technology to serve your clients? Do any upgrades need to be made or perhaps new technology introduced?

Your Business Planning

  • How well did you follow your plan for 2018?
  • Did you create and complete action plans for the strategies you wanted to employ?
  • Did you review your business plan regularly to help you stay on track for what you wanted to accomplish?

The Growth of Your Business

  • Did you meet your goals for growing your business, including new client households added and new assets brought in?
  • Have you been comfortable with your marketing messaging and are you (and your team) able to articulate what differentiate you from the rest?
  • How effective have you been in promoting referrals?
  • How effectively did you implement other marketing strategies to grow your business?

After looking back over this past year, what is the one thing you would do differently if you had that opportunity?

Finally, how prepared are you to make 2019 your best year yet? Do you have your business plan and marketing calendar ready to roll out after the holidays?

If you need some help, just send us an email, and we’d be happy to forward copies of our 2019 Business Roadmap template and/or our 2019 Marketing Plan and Calendar template.

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

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