Great Visual Reminders: What’s Their Vision?

A key target market for many advisors today is the pre-retiree. That’s not surprising, given that advisors are always looking for “money in motion,” and as more and more early baby boomers are hitting retirement age (with the rest right behind them), the opportunity is big!

But with such a big opportunity, there is a LOT of competition.

If you’re like many advisors, you ask the right questions to determine their expected income needs, pop the information into whatever financial planning or forecasting tool you have, run the Monte Carlo simulation, and voilà! You present your soon-to-retire client with a projection of what they can expect over the next 30 years or so. And you assure them that, with some good markets and a little luck, not to mention your investing expertise, you can help them make that projection come true.

The problem is that this same scenario is playing out in financial advisors’ offices all across the country every day. And even after you’ve landed them as clients, the competition doesn’t go away, does it?

So, how can you differentiate yourself and create some powerful visual reminders of your value to clients, so they won’t be tempted by someone else with newer software or better investment performance or lower fee structure?

What if instead of focusing on just the dollars and cents of retirement, you were to help your clients design their ideal retirement, describe it in detail, and capture that description on paper? A word picture that describes what they will wake up to every morning…the choices they will have…and what those choices will feel like when they’ve been achieved?

It would be a great visual reminder of what you’re helping them plan for…like posting photos of your next vacation destination on your bulletin board or refrigerator door.

Need some help getting started? Email me for our template, Vision for Your Ideal Future, designed to help you help your clients envision their future – and remind them of your value!

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