Great Visual Reminders: Meeting Summaries

This month marks the FOURTH anniversary of Pathfinder! If you are, or have been, one of our many clients, thank you for being part of our story.

It didn’t take long to realize that if we were going to help financial advisors become more consistent as they serve their clients, then we would have to develop some systems to serve ours.

One of the first systems we implemented was an email sent to every client after every meeting or call. The subject line always says, “Recap of [month/day] and next steps.” (Easy to find in a cluttered inbox!) That email provides:

  • Summary of what we’ve talked about, often bulleted to make it easy to follow
  • List of next steps – your action items and ours – to be completed by our next call or meeting
  • Date and time of our next call or meeting

In developing, we built templates designed to make creating your own summaries very easy. But whether you use our templates or simply write your own summaries, we’ve found that if you’re disciplined in taking notes and setting aside 15-20 minutes after each client meeting to write them, they’re really not hard.

But are they worth the time and do they work? Our clients tell us they are and they do.

Here are seven reasons why you might want to incorporate summaries into your practice:

  1. They demonstrate to clients that you listened to them and you heard them.
  2. They remind clients to get back to you about items they meant to bring up but forgot.
  3. They outline your action plan for addressing their wealth management concerns.
  4. They provide an historical record of the various topics you and your clients have discussed and the results of those discussions.
  5. They enable you to share your client interactions with your team members.
  6. They remind clients of the value you have provided them over time, giving them something tangible to describe to others who might your help.
  7. Most other advisors do not do it – so it’s a great differentiator.

Our clients who have adopted the practice of providing written summaries of their client meetings have told us that they consistently receive positive feedback from their clients.

Looking for ways to create visual reminders of your value? Providing summaries of your client meetings is a great place to start.

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