Thoughts –> Words –> Actions

“Watch your thoughts, for they become words. Watch your words, for they become actions….”

Lately I’ve been thinking about how this relationship between thoughts, words and actions applies to advisors and their clients. Thoughts and words do matter, and they influence our actions as well as the actions of others.

Here are some examples where thoughts and words can have an impact:

If advisors refer to their initial meetings with clients (in-depth/discovery interview, planning, etc.) as their “sales process” (and some do), how does that impact how they conduct those meetings? Is the focus on learning as much as possible about the client and then developing the best plan and recommendations? Or is the focus on “closing the sale”?

Some advisors consider ongoing progress review meetings as a core component of their advice process while others refer to them as “client service.” I’ve heard advisors say that sometimes they have a difficult time getting clients to engage when trying to schedule these meetings. Could it be that the message their clients heard was that these were simply service calls and therefore regard them as optional? Is it any wonder why clients don’t understand why they are being charged an ongoing advisory fee? Are they paying for service or advice?

If you talk about “wow-ing” your clients with gifts and parties, or your seminar invitations use a larger font to describe the dinner than the seminar topic, what are you communicating about what you do and its intrinsic value? How do these words impact your clients’ perception?

What examples have you seen that demonstrate how thoughts lead to words and words lead to actions…sometimes good, sometimes not so much?

I believe that everything you say and do, and everything you don’t say and do, communicates a message to your clients and to yourself. Make certain it is the message you intend.

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