Why Pathfinder?

You may be wondering how Pathfinder is different from most of the other coaching firms out there. We believe we are different from other coaches—in three specific ways.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the perspective of the client is the lens through which everything should be examined. If it’s right for your client, it’s probably right for your business, too.

We also believe that everything you say and do, and everything you don’t say and do, communicates a message. Make certain you communicate the message you intend.

Our Experience

Most advisors say they learn more from people who have been “in the trenches” than anyone else.

We have learned over many years what it takes to build a successful practice. We have done it ourselves as financial advisors, and we’ve helped many other advisors and planners do the same.

Our Resources

It’s always easier to begin with a sample and then make it your own than to start with nothing and try to figure it out. That’s why we have filled our Pathfinder Advisor resource center with hundreds of fully customizable checklists, templates, letters/email texts, scripts, and other resources to guide and support advisors in all areas of their practices.

For whatever you may need, either we have it, or we will build it for you. And then we will help you customize it to make sure it’s exactly right for you and your clients.